Penis Size Talks: What Women Think About Your Penis

Men are very proud about their penis and its size. Penis boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel superior and good about themselves. However, it is the opinion of the women, which matter to them the most. No amount of statistics, will give men the same pleasure as the words of a woman.

Women discuss sex with their girlfriends

Men as well as women both talk about the penis and its size. It might come as a surprise and shock to some of you, but when a woman sleeps with someone, she tells her girlfriends all the details. However, the major discussion is on the man's penis and its size. Some of the most discussed topics by women after she has sex with a man are:

  • How you excited and aroused her

  • How fast you came

  • If you had any problem making your penis erect

  • The amount of semen produced by you

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  • If you are a dibbler or a shooter

  • If you make some special noise during sex

  • If you have some special facial expression during sex

  • If you satisfied her

    If your penis is a topic of excited and long discussion, it means that you have satisfied her, and she enjoyed being with you. She will boast about your large penis to other girl friends, to make them jealous, and will use terms like big, thick, large, wide and huge to describe your organ. However, if the penis is too small or thin, then terms like pinkie or pee-wee are usually used.

    If a girl does not discuss a man's penis then this means it's an average size penis and there is nothing exceptional about it, so she does not see any point in discussing about it.

    What women say and what she actually means when discussing your penis

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    As mentioned earlier, women discuss everything about her sex life and her man's penis with her girlfriends, but she might not share the same things when she is talking and discussing about your penis to you. She lies to you about your penis because she knows how important it is to you. She does not want to hurt you and that is the reason she prefers not to comment on the size of your penis.

    Yes, the size of the penis is important for a woman, as it gives her visual and psychological satisfaction along with sexual satisfaction. However, there is more to sex, then just penetration. A woman wants to enjoy sex, but at the same time she needs to gain complete sexual satisfaction, something that just large penis will not give. It is important that you pamper your woman in bed, by playing with her, and making her feel beautiful. Touch her, kiss her, and caress her, as do what she enjoys. She will guide you, as no one knows her body better than she does.

    When women says that your penis is ok, it's nice or it's pretty good, then she means that your penis is small. When women says that your penis is big or large, than she actually means that it is average in size, enough to satisfy her, and make sex enjoyable.

    When women stares at your manhood with a wide eye, and gives out an expression like “wow”, stating that the penis will never fit in, then it means that it's the perfect size penis. Something she always longed for and she is excited to have the feel of it inside the vagina.

    When you are talking to a woman about the size of penis, she will only discuss three kinds with you, large, medium and small. However, you will be surprised and amazed to know, that for a woman, there is actually six kind of penis. They are:

  • Tiny

  • Small

  • Average

  • Large

  • Extremely large

  • Huge

    All women reading this article will be nodding their head in agreement. However, it is men, who are in confusion. Yes, the way women think is completely different from men. When she says that your penis is small or tiny, it does not mean that she would not like to have sex with you and get the penis penetrated inside her. She will have sex with a man, who has small, tiny or average penis, but she will not be able to get complete sexual satisfaction from it, as she might have from a large or huge penis.

    Unlike men, women do not think in numbers

    If you ask a woman, what kind of penis she enjoys the most. She will give you a simple answer, medium, large or small, as per her preference. However, ask any man the size of his penis, he will always reply in numbers, six or seven inches. The answer is confusing for a man. When somebody says large, he wants to know how large.

    What should be the length of the penis, which would make sex enjoyable to women?

    It is often seen that men think that a long penis is the most desirable one, in the eyes of women. However, it is the thickness, which makes sex much more enjoyable to women. The main reason for this confusion is that, women themselves are perplexed whether they enjoy large penis or a thick one. However, you must remember that individuals are different and this applies to their sexual preference too. Some women may enjoy large penis, but some might be hurt with such large organ. There are women, who prefer medium or small penis too.

    You will have to know what is preferred by the woman you are dating. If you have long and thick penis, and its hurting your girl, then find an appropriate position, which would allow penetration enjoyable without hurting her.

    If you have medium or small penis, then it is important to find a sexual position, which would allow maximum penetration so as to intensify the pleasure.

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