10 Reasons Why Your Penis Enlargement Failed

Men often complain that they aren't able to achieve those extra inches down there, which they desperately want. While, there can be many reasons for this, here are a few common factors that pose hurdles to most men's penis enlargement goals.

  1. Not Serious About It

    Ask yourself, were you? You might have excuses to defend yourself, but in the end you know it yourself that you were not actually serious about penis enhancement. Had you been serious about it, you would have treated it as a priority. Did you research for the various enhancement methods, and their pros and cons? Did you set up your enlargement goals, made commitment for it, or try to follow any well devised program? No. Isn't it?

    In simple words, if you are serious about penis enhancement and put in your required effort, you will surely get the desired results.

  2. Got Satisfied After Investing the Money

    It's not only about you, your friend, or any other person. In-fact, more than around 95% of the men who buy penis enlargement products do absolutely nothing once they have purchased the product. Call it procrastination nature, or a general human-thing, but they don't bother to use the product after investing the money on it. However, if you just buy the product and don't ever use it, do you think it's going to do any good to you?

    Hence, you actually need to start using it and that too in a proper way. If you do so, you are at least better than rest of those 95% of the guys who just increase its shelf life.

  3. Inconsistency

    Ok, you tried the product at least, and that's a great thing actually. You tried it, got excited about your penis enhancement journey, but gradually that excitement started fading out, and you got inconsistent. Remember! It's far more important to not let your passion and interest about penis enhancement die.

    You need to use it on everyday basis. You needn't let your motivation die. If that's happening, just try to motivate yourself by remembering the reason why you decided to start it, reading success stories of men who have already achieved it, and so on.

  4. Lack Of Belief In The Enhancement Method

    You purchased a quality product after doing some online research, going through the customer reviews, and checking the reputation of the seller. However, now that you don't see quick results, as promised, you don't believe in the product anymore, which you need to.

    Remember! Penis enhancement needs consistency with patience. Hence, it doesn't make sense to not believe in the product because it's not giving desired results quickly.

    You need to believe in it, and only then you can go far with it, and see its effectiveness. Besides, like any other exercise, here also your mind needs to be in sync with your physical development. Hence, believe in what you are doing actually, and then it will work.

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  6. Lost Confidence By Measuring Your Penis Too Often

    You wish to see noticeable results that you can actually measure on a scale. In-fact, you need not to do this quantitative analysis too often. You use the enhancement product for a day or two, and then measure your tool's size. You see no improvement. Again, you use it for the next couple of days, and measure, only to get depressed. You continue this for some time, and then give up in the end.

    Penis enhancement takes place gradually, and so you can't expect any noticeable outcomes in a day or two. Hence, you needn't lose your confidence this way. Instead, measure your gains once after two or three weeks, or once in a month to see visible change.

  7. Lost Confidence By Not Measuring It At All

    There are also those “smart” guys who don't actually try to measure and keep track of their progress. When they don't do it through a scale, once in a while, they aren't able to notice the improvements. Ultimately, they give up. That's not the right way. You need to measure it once in a while, so as to keep yourself motivated.

  8. Overdoing The Exercise

    To an extent it's true that the more you are determined about penis enhancements and the more you put in the effort, the better will be the results. However, this is not true beyond a point. In other words, you needn't exercise your penis through traction device or whatever for too long and that too on a daily basis. Let there be at least two days of gap in a week. After-all, penis enhancement works by gently tearing the penile tissues and waiting for its natural recovery. Hence, your tool also needs sufficient time to rest, recover and grow.

  9. Under-doing The Exercise

    As per the experts, you need to spend at least six minutes of your time daily on penis enlargement. However, if you are under-doing it, and are not spending sufficient time, the results will be slower. Of course, your efforts will not be wasted, but then the outcomes will be delayed, and you are more likely to lose confidence and faith in the treatment.

  10. The Enhancement Method You Chose Was Wrong

    In case, you didn't research about the penis enhancement methods well and just chose to go with any of the most advertised techniques, you might not get the results. In worst case, it can also lead to serious troubles. Unsafe practices like vacuum pumps, penis weights, etc can lead to damage of penile tissues and impotency. Besides, penis enlargement pills, straps etc. are ineffective. Hence, you need to research well, and then opt of the safe and effective options like penis exercise.

  11. The Method Was Right But Your Approach Was Wrong

    Even after doing sufficient research, and opting for the right enhancement method, many men fail to achieve the result or end up hurting themselves. Why? It's just because they didn't follow the instructions as they were meant to be. Thus, you need to follow the instructions exactly the way manufacturer has mentioned in the manual or demonstration video. If you have any doubts, call their customer support and get them clarified.

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