Micropenis Causes And Treatment

All About Micropenis And Its Treatment

Micropenis condition is rare yet a real condition. Less than 1% of male population suffer from this condition. Well, of course, their lives are full of frustration, but they can have a very normal and satisfying life and in fact can have a family too. Micropenis is widely known as Microphallus and in this condition the penis is drastically small right from the birth, mostly less than 1.9 cm when stretched.

Males suffering from micropenis have all other male organs like testicles normally. In fact, the only difference is about the penis size, which is smaller than normal. It is observed that with most men suffering from micropenis the issue is not there small penis size, but the shame and incompleteness that they feel. Of course, this can be treated by counselling.

Causes and treatment options:

There is nothing much, which contributes to a micropenis. Generally, it is genetic, and most often it is because of low testosterone levels during the pregnancy in second and third trimester. Treating this condition is something that you can do right from the beginning of a male's life, i.e. from his childhood.

Testosterone stimulation is one treatment option. However, this method works only if the cause of micropenis is detected as hormonal. The treatment is carried on for three months and the progress is reported. In some cases, the treatment just works fine and the result is fully-grown and properly functioning penis.

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Another successful option to treat the said condition is surgery. For some cases, along with the hormonal treatments, surgical reconstruction is also necessary. Since, it is a controversial treatment, parents, child and close family need to go under psychological counselling.

If you are someone, who is suffering from micropenis condition and you did not get any treatment as a child, you need not worry. There are still several options open for you too. Micropenis enlargement surgeries are very common these days and are the easiest way of getting an average size penis.

There are different types of surgery options available these days and you can rectify your specific type of condition. For instance, there are different surgeries to increase penis length and penis girth. However, mostly males suffering from micro penis opt for surgeries that can give them a good penis length instead of girth.

Just like any other surgery, there are pros and cons of enlargement surgeries too and for sure, it is not wise to take them lightly. Discuss all the risks involved in the surgery with your doctor and make a decision that suits you the best.

A few risk free treatment options:

Apart from hormonal stimulation and surgeries, other enlargement option that works fine and are less risky include herbal pills for penis enlargement, penis pumps, penis devices penis exercises like jelqing, etc. These options may not give you those drastic results that you are expecting, but for sure, they prove to be useful.

It is advised that you try out some of these methods before going for hormonal stimulation or surgeries. If any of these methods prove effective then you will be able to achieve your target with minimal risk.

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