Is It True What They Say About Guys With Big Feet?

Are the Myths about a Man's Penis Size and Feet Size Having Correlation is True?

There are lots of myths about a man's penis size and the size of his other body organs having a correlation. Many of us might have heard that a man's feet size says a lot about his penis size. However, there is no strong back up to this one and sometimes the claim is just a misty statement.

You can assume for a second that most of the time, this claim is just supported by those who have heard it from someone else. For instance, a female may back this one up by saying, “Yes, I have heard it from my boyfriend too and he approves it”. Well, this is no real or strong backup though.

Thanks to urologists, the doctors who explore and study the nether regions of science and give out results have conducted a few studies to ascertain this notion. Before we begin to discuss this, you need to be clear with one thing that no studies whatsoever has anytime approved this notion nor concluded any such results that prove that the said claim is genuine.

So, let us start going back in time...

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Two Canadian doctors in 1993 measured height, foot size and penile size of 63 subjects.

In the study conducted, penile size was linked with both height and foot size. However, the result of correlation was very weak. The researchers, who were Noble Prize Winners in Statistics, claimed that there was no correlation at all. Furthermore, they even confirmed that no practical utility is observed in trying to predict penis size based on height or foot size.

Next in 1999, Korean researchers measured flaccid penis length and girth of 655 subjects. Also, their feet size, length of their toes and fingers, ears, mouth and even the amount of hair volume on their heads was taken. Again, the correlation found was too weak to prove anything. However, the only thing, which was confirmed, was the length and girth of a penis is mostly proportional. Therefore, in the end, the only conclusion that the scientists could get on to was that the size and characteristics of different body parts is not enough to calculate the size of one's penis.

On the other hand, one year later, Mr. Richard Edwards in his online edition “Definitive Penis Size Survey” found that there was no strong correlation between a man's penis size and his shoe size, but there was a strong one between his penis size and height. However, next it was also concluded that there was not that big difference in the size of man's penis even when his height grew tall. Lastly, one important thing to consider is that subjects on their own took the size of penis and height both. Thus, there are chances that the data collected was not genuine.

The most recent study conducted in this area was in 2002. University College Hospitals in London measured the penile and feet size of 104 men. The result was clear and strong that there was no correlation at all between a man's feet size and his penis size. This one was definitely discouraging for guys, who used to take pride in having big feet.

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