Five Myths About Having A Small Penis

The Most Common 5 Myths Surrounding The Condition Of Small Penis

All men, whether they admit it or not, are worried about their penis size at some point or the other. This is something that worries a man right from his adolescence, when his body is constantly growing and changing. For some, this concern goes away with time, since they probably get what they expected. However, for many, it never really goes because they did not get what they expected or they are not satisfied with what they have.

There are some men, who are suffering from micropenis syndrome or have a penis size smaller than average. For these men, it is difficult to live a normal and healthy sexual life, since a small penis ruins their self-esteem. Penis size is never a topic, which men are willing to discuss openly and this leads to several myths surrounding the condition. The most common 5 myths are as under:

1. Small penis is equal to a big ego

This is one of the most common myths about guys with small penises. It is termed as Small Man Syndrome. However, there is no real connection with a man's ego and his penis size. On the other hand, some studies do suggest that there is a direct connection between a man's height and his ego. Well, of course there are always some guys around, who are exceptions to this. Nevertheless, generally how a man behaves with regards to his ego has nothing to do with the size of the package that he carries in his pants.

2. Guys suffering from Small Penis Syndrome always avoid talking about sex

The second most common myth is that people believe that because he has a small penis he will always avoid talking about sex. Well, this is not true at all. Guys with small penis have normal social and sexual life. A man's penis size does not tell anything about his sexual performance and thus there is no reason to justify why men with small penis avoid talking about sex. Above all, men having average and above average penis size clearly know that sex is not only about penetrative sex. In fact, most females enjoy the part leading to it, which is foreplay, fun etc. Therefore, certainly small men are never trying to avoid talking about sex.

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3. Men with small penis are too good at oral

There is no evidence to back this. In fact, any man, who wants to be a perfect lover, will take time to understand the techniques of oral sex and perform a real good one. On the other hand, if this myth is by any chance true, this will only increase the demand for men with small penises amongst women. After all, which girl won't like to simply lie down, relax and enjoy the pleasure given by a lover?

4. Men with small penis always believe that it is not about the size

This particular myth can be considered a little bit true. Men with small penis just do not go on and on about size, but they definitely are in a race to prove that size is not the only thing.

However, when it comes to sexual satisfaction, penis size is not the only thing that matters. A small penis can motivate a man to learn better sex techniques like better foreplay or better oral sex. In fact, if a man just goes on and on about size is someone, who is trying to cover the fact that he does not know a thing about sex. One who does not know techniques of pleasing a woman sexually lay more stress on the size since may be it is the only thing he has.

5. They cannot do anything about it

This is one of the most dangerous myths, but it is not true. Men can enhance their penis today in several ways. Also, most of the techniques work and give desired penis size and dimension.

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