Male Enhancement Pills vs. Penis Patches

When planning to pursue male enhancement, it is imperative to understand the similarities and differences between the various products and methods available in the market. Having a clear understanding of how each one of them works is an incredible way of ensuring that you know what you are putting yourself into – by the time you are through with the selection process. Among the PE products available in the market are male enhancement pills and penis patches. Here we determine what these two products have in common, as well as what their differences are.


First and foremost, it is imperative to understand that penis patches and pills are made of similar ingredients. The ingredients present in the products might be all-natural, or the ones synthesized in the laboratory. While there are penis patches and pills containing lab-made ingredients, the majority of reputable manufacturers rely on natural ingredients that have been in use since time immemorial such as Ginseng, Yohimbe, Ginkgo Biloba and maca among many others. As a prospective user of these products, consider familiarizing yourself with these herbal and plant extracts. Try and understand what each one of them does in enhancing the male member. This way, you will be in a better position to choose a male enhancement pill or patch capable of meeting your needs.


The greatest difference between penis patches and pills is the mode of delivery of the ingredients to the blood stream. As you already know, penis pills are usually swallowed with water, and therefore go through the same process that the food does before it enters the blood stream.

Normally, male enhancement pills usually deliver a blast of nutrients several times a day, say, once, twice, or thrice, depending on the number of times you are supposed to swallow it daily. Unfortunately, the body usually has difficulties absorbing all these nutrients at once, which means that it may pass most of them through. The digestive system may fail to work effectively to ensure assimilation of all these nutrients. You are mistaken if you thought that you could change this situation by taking a higher dose than your body can handle. A lot of it gets wasted in the digestive system. When the body is unable to absorb excess nutrients, it finds a way of getting rid of it – mostly through the pee.

On the other hand, penis patches are said to be a little more effective than the male enhancement pills – as far as delivery of active ingredients is concerned – thanks to the transdermal technology. It is safe to say that this technology is not wasteful because the nutrients present in the penis patches are delivered directly to the bloodstream. They do not interact with the stomach acids responsible for digestion like is usually the case with the penis enhancement pills – an aspect that makes it more effective when it comes to enhancing the male member. Users of penis patches are required to adhere it to either of the recommended areas of the body and then change after a couple of hours, say 72 hours, even though the frequency varies from one brand of penis patch to another.

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