Male Enhancement Pills vs. Penis Weights

When considering seeking penis enlargement, it pays to familiarize oneself with all the components associated with this amazing process that gives men a new lease of life – as far as their ‘masculinity’ is concerned. Among the things that you should know are the various methods of male enhancement, and how they compare or contrast with each. Doing this gives you an upper hand when it comes to determining the most appropriate PE method to use. These methods range from penis enlargement devices, exercises, creams, pills, patches, and the most drastic, yet riskiest approach, penis surgery.

Penis weight, also referred to as penis hanging is one of the three types of male enhancement devices – others are penis extenders and pumps. The practice of hanging weights on the male member started a long time ago among a certain African tribe. Compared to male enhancement pills, penis hanging is considered more effective and faster in delivering a bigger penis. For this reason, allow me to concentrate on the pros and cons of weight hanging, as well as how the procedure works to deliver noticeable gains after several months of usage.

Many people are skeptical of the idea of hanging weights on their third leg – perhaps due to the scary stories they have heard of the ancient men spotting spaghetti-like penises after using weights. It has been said that the men who used them in the past ended up having long, but gaunty dicks. Seeing that women are more interested in the girth than the length, anyone would think twice before using weights. However, things are not as bad as history has made you believe. Weight hanging can be an incredible way of increasing the size of your manhood as long as it is utilised correctly.

Pros of penis weights

  • Since it is hands-free, you do not have to put other tasks on hold. However, do not perform strenuous activities, and also, too much movement is risky
  • They usually increase the penile girth
  • You can control how much weight you can hang on your member depending on your desired level of comfort. Irrespective, it is always good to take it nice and slow to avoid possible injuries
  • Penis weights are relatively safe. You just have to make sure that you are using it accurately. Proper monitoring of the physiological indicators is also crucial. Begin with small weights and increase them slowly as you progress
  • It is effective in providing significant penis gains

Cons of penis weights

  • Be careful not to overdo it as this can be potentially dangerous
  • If you are the type of person who struggles to maintain consistency, penis weights may not be your best bet. This is a critical virtue if you want to see impressive results
  • When it comes to ease of use, you cannot compare it with male enhancement pills. First and foremost, privacy is needed, and secondly, you may be forced to put other activities on hold, especially if they are strenuous in nature. Weight hanging limits a person’s movements. Nevertheless, as already stated, your hands will be free and consequently allow you to perform non-strenuous tasks like that work report you have been postponing the entire week.

If you wish to optimize your end results in male enhancement, consider using both weights and pills. The latter plays an effective role in ensuring that the genital area is supplied with enough nutrients and oxygen which in turn facilitates maximum healing (of the penile tissue due to stretching), and in turn, growth becomes evident.

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